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Scattered Crosses (Book)

Welcome Everyone…

Scattered Crosses is a book writing project that is a work in progress. If you would like to share your friend or family members names, stories and roadside memorial pictures, as an honored addition to this book, please email me at…

Thank You for letting me share their story!

Dan Meadows, ISYP

Scattered Crosses – Highways of Tears… Roadways of Sorrow – by Dan Meadows

6/5/2021 – Restart of a book writing project I started several years ago, before placing it down for a career change!

Stay Tuned as the project came back to life!

Cemeteries – Daytime vs. Nighttime Investigations… Which is better?

So, do you like to investigate cemeteries during daytime hours, nighttime hours or both? I like them both!

Dan in Lewiston, NY
Stock Photo

Footsteps and Orbs… Oh My!

Orb caught on photo…

My wife Lynda and I lived in Lewiston NY for several years. This is part of where the War of 1812 was fought (The Burning of Lewiston), near Native American Burial Grounds, next to a river (Niagara River), as well as having an underground spring running underneath our property… Spirit Conductors All…

In our home, we would have strange smells (like that of decaying flesh), objects moving, orbs, knocks on the walls, unexplained touching and most importantly, numerous events of stepping noises on the roof of our home… (no animal critters were found). When my wife or I would be upstairs in our home, walking towards or close to our upstairs bedroom sliding glass door (leading onto our terrace), we would hear footsteps (many of them) walking towards the edge of our roof, towards the terrace… We would investigate, yet nothing was found that might have caused those sounds!

We made several investigations of our own. Had a local Paranormal Team (Niagara Falls Paranormal) from NY attend our home on two separate occasions in 2014. Made recordings (audio and video’s). All with great successes, respectfully.

My question to each of you here is this…

As we all may have heard unexplained noises in or around our homes, how many of you have ever listened to “stepping sounds” coming from the roof of your homes? (Unexplained and without being critter enhanced)…

Looking forward to discussing this topic further!

Thank You! ISYParanormal

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Niagara Falls Paranormal

We invited Niagara Falls Paranormal into our home (Lewiston NY) twice in 2014 (2/28 & 4/1). Both times they were very successful in their respective data collections. (EMF Readings, EVP’s, etc.). Their investigations of our home further validated our own observations and investigations of that location. We highly recommend their team for Paranormal Investigations. Thank You… ISYParanormal (Dan & Lynda)

Spirit Attachments – How Attached Are We?

Whether you believe in the hereafter, spirits, ghosts, the paranormal, entities and more… you must decide if its real, fake or even non-existent at all. Our mindsets will seldom change unless something dramatic, unforeseen or all-too-real takes place, thus changing how one feels about the paranormal realm.

How attached are we to the spirit world… those earthbound spirits found throughout this nation, our world? Can we find those spirit attachments from places that we go… such as graveyards, antique stores, battlefields, or roadside memorials? Do they somehow attach themselves to others who come to visit with you… a friend, relative or through a chance encounter?

Have you picked up an object like an old relic, a piece of furniture, a book or even an antique firearm, then suddenly felt different … as if a spirit, entity or elemental had attached themselves to you or to an object you now possess?

I have experienced all of these, many times over! My wife shares in those experiences herself, both before and after we met. She has her own great experiences to tell… We have attended antique stores, only to see, hear and feel the presence of paranormal actitivies, earthbound spirits, shadows or malevolent spirits about us. Sometimes bringing those uninvited guests home with us! Something I’d rather not do…

For myself, those “Scattered Crosses – Highway of Tears” (an upcoming book by Dan Meadows), I tend to find a connection to those who are still earthbound spirits, those who have died tragically along our nations highways. Those earthbound spirits who are still roaming our streets, our roadways and highways, all in search of their families, friends and loved ones… or for one of us, you or I, to help them crossover or attched themselves to! I believe I have felt their presence all-too-often, as well as having brought a few of them back home with me, from my countless journey’s across our nations roadways and highways.

So what are your thoughts, your experiences and your stories??? Why not share those events with us here, now. I’d love to read your story, your experiences, your paranormal journey… I’m sure that others would too! Thank You!

So light up our ISYParanormal Blog, Facebook page or Twitter page… We all have an experience to share about our “Spirit Attachments”.

I See You Paranormal (ISYP)

Lewiston, NY… Rich in History and Rich in Spirit Activity

If you are ever in the State of New York, on the western side of the state, take a trip up to Lewiston New York. Located on the Border with Canada, Lewiston is North of Buffalo and Niagara Falls New York. Lewiston is rich in history and rich in spirit activity. Our former home in Lewiston (an undisclosed location at the current owners request) was haunted, with numerous spirit activities and case studies recorded there. Not only was data recorded by us, with a variety of electronic and recording devices used, but our friends over at ‘Niagara Falls Paranormal’ spent two separate occasions investigating our home with incredible results found (and recorded).

In the picture posted above, Lynda, Charlie and I spent an afternoon (May 12, 2014) at the Village of Lewiston Cemetery. What we left with was far greater than what we arrived with… Numerous digital and signaled readings from our array of instruments were mapped, recorded and documented on this date. Yet, what we found even more incredible, in our combined experiences on this date, was recorded with our digital audio recording devices, as they were taken at various locations around that cemetery.

In the course of about Four (4) Hours, we recorded numerous EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena), like words, long and resonating moans, unintelligible sounds and much more. We also took a lot of pictures that were analyzed and documented as part of our case study.

For those of you who do not know, part of the War of 1812 was fought here. Lewiston, New York was set ablaze and a lot of people from both sides (Canada, Great Britain and from America) died here. Native and First Nations people from America and Canada fought here too, both sides sustaining their own casualties as well.

In addition, our former home (undisclosed location – per owner’s request) was haunted. We had Niagara Falls Paranormal come to our home and they held two separate investigative sessions there (at different timelines). Both sessions were very productive in gaining investigative data, EVP recordings EMF readings and more from the members of NFP who attended… thus further validating our suspicions and our own investigations into our home’s (very active) spirit activity!

So, if you ever have the opportunity to get up to the Village of Lewiston New York, be sure to bring your paranormal gear bags and your recording devices with you!

You won’t be sorry!


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